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Heating & Air Conditioning in Toronto

Welcome to Morcos Heating & Air Conditioning, your trusted experts in heating & air conditioning in Toronto. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to ensuring your house or place of business is pleasant throughout the year since we recognise how important it is to maintain the ideal interior climate for comfort and health. Alongside our core services, we offer comprehensive furnace installations, ductless AC solutions, and in-floor heating systems that are both efficient and effective. Need more? Our expertise extends to installing tankless water heaters, gas lines, and custom sheet metal work, ensuring tailored solutions for every space. 

Our goal is to provide our clients with long-lasting comfort and safety, not merely services. Whether you’re battling the deep winter chills or the high summer heat, our rapid response team ensures your systems run smoothly and efficiently all year round. Let us help you keep your space perfect every day.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top heating & air services in Toronto Ontario, ensuring every home and office enjoys optimal comfort and efficiency all year round.


Our Vision

We envision a future where our heating & air conditioning in Toronto set the standard for reliability and customer satisfaction, making every indoor environment perfectly comfortable.

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Efficient Heating Solutions for Every Home

We at Morcos Heating & Air Conditioning prioritize customer satisfaction, especially regarding the efficiency and versatility of our heating systems. Our boilers cannot only heat radiators and air handlers but also excel in radiant in-floor heating and domestic hot water tanks. This multifunctionality ensures that you get the most out of your investment, addressing the common pain points of inefficiency and damage. Moreover, our commitment to offering reasonable prices makes our AC services in Toronto Ontario, both affordable and reliable. Trust in our expertise for a quality service that keeps your comfort in mind.

Trustworthy HVAC Services in Your Area

Finding reliable and safe professional heating & air conditioning in Toronto Ontario, can often be challenging. Our certified professionals are here to provide peace of mind along with our skills. Safety and compliance are at the forefront of what we do, ensuring that every installation or repair meets stringent standards. Our commitment to being trustworthy service providers means that when you call us, you get a team dedicated to the safety and proper functioning of your heating and air conditioning systems. Rely on us for honest service that respects your needs and budget.

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Our Services

What We Offer

Heating & Air Conditioning

Enjoy consistent comfort with our expert heating & air conditioning in Toronto. We tackle inefficiency and ensure your system delivers optimal performance and energy savings all year round.

Furnace Installation

Install a new furnace to combat harsh winters. Our installations are quick, ensuring minimal disruption while maximizing your home's warmth and energy efficiency.

Cool Heaters Installation & Service

Specializing in cool heaters, we address common overheating issues, providing installations and maintenance that ensure reliable warmth and reduced energy bills.

Sheet Metal

Custom sheet metal solutions for ductwork improve airflow and system efficiency. Our precise installations help avoid common issues like poor ventilation and leaks.

Gas Line

Safe gas line installations by certified technicians prevent leaks and ensure a reliable appliance fuel supply, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Tankless Water Heaters Installation & Repairs

Switch to a tankless water heater for endless hot water. We address frequent breakdowns and inefficiencies, ensuring a steady, cost-effective supply.


Installing a humidifier can alleviate dry indoor air, exacerbating allergies and respiratory issues. Our systems maintain optimal moisture levels, enhancing comfort.

AC Installation & Repairs

Our AC installation and repair services ensure your unit runs smoothly without frequent breakdowns, maintaining a cool and comfortable home environment.

Boiler System Installation & Repairs

Boiler systems offer reliable heating solutions. We address common issues like noise and inefficiency, ensuring smooth operation and longevity.

Ductless AC Installation & Repairs

Opt for a ductless AC for flexible cooling solutions. We handle inconsistent cooling and noise issues, ensuring efficient and quiet operation.

Garage Heaters Installation

Keep your garage comfortably warm with a dedicated heater. We focus on quick installation and effective heating to enhance your workspace or storage area.
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Frequently Asked Questions

One common issue is inadequate maintenance, which leads to blocked filters, reduced system efficiency, and increased energy costs. Regular checks and cleanings ensure peak performance and comfort.

Investing in a programmable thermostat or upgrading to a more energy-efficient model can significantly cut costs. Regular maintenance also keeps the system running efficiently, preventing energy wastage.

Yes, ductless systems provide flexible cooling options and are ideal for homes without existing ductwork. They offer precise temperature control for individual rooms and can lead to energy savings by cooling specific areas as needed.

It’s advisable to have your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. This helps catch potential issues early, such as coolant leaks or electrical problems, ensuring efficient operation and prolonging the unit’s life.

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Your Comfort, Our Commitment

Don't struggle with a heating system that can't keep up with the cold. Choose us for reliable installations and repairs that ensure your home stays warm when needed. With more than fifteen years of experience, we promise to keep you comfortable even during the coldest months.

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Cool and Collected in Every Season

Tired of uneven cooling and surging utility bills in the summer? Our air conditioning services aim to deliver effective and even cooling, cutting costs and increasing indoor comfort. With the latest technology and skilled professionals, we keep you cool and collected all summer.

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Choose us for reliable installations and repairs that ensure your home stays warm when needed. With more than fifteen years of experience, we promise to keep you comfortable even during the coldest months.

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